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You can disable offline files using Group Policy. Computer Config\Admin Templates\Network\Offline Files

Allow or disallow use of offline files feature: Disabled
Prohibit user config: Enabled
Sync all offline files when logging on: Disabled
Sync all offline files before logging off: Disabled
Sync offline files before suspend: Disabled
Remove ‘Make offline’: Enabled
Prevent use of Offline Files folder: Enabled

Find port via mac address   April 17th, 2008

CLI to find a port for a known MAC address…

show mac-address-table address ffff.ffff.ffff

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What’s my IP Address?   December 5th, 2007

Most PCs and networks connect to the Internet with a single IPv4 address. This is a 32 bit address represented by four 8 bit octets (ie The problem with this protocol is a maximum of four billion unique addresses. This seemed like a lot back in 1980 when the protocol was adopted. However, today we are coping with IP address exhaustion.

When I connect to the Internet, I lease a single IP address. I have a cable modem attached to a wireless router and a 16 port switch. All my computers, printers, multimedia devices use one shared address to connect to the Internet. The router uses Network Address Translation (NAT) to route the traffic.

Sometimes it is useful to know your true “outside” address. The following site will let you know…

Satellite Broadband   August 15th, 2007

No Cable, No DSL, No FIOS… Try Satellite…

Near DSL speed from anywhere for about $50/month