Freeware List

The Freeware List

Audio Editors

  • Audacity – Record or edit sound files (think ring tones and MP3s)

Cell Phone Tools

  • BitPim – view and manipulate data on many CDMA phones from LG, Samsung, Sanyo and other manufacturers

Compression Tools

  • 7zip – Fast and efficient compression for .zip and .7z files

File Rename Utility

  • CKRename – Rename a directory of files with ease. Great for photos.

File Synchronization

  • Treecomp – Compare and sync two directories

Icon Editor

  • icofx – Edit icon filess for programs, tool bars, and web pages

Image Editors

  • – Easy Editor with near Photoshop power
  • Irfanview – Photo viewer with lots of conversion and cleanup features
  • The GIMP – The power and complexity of Photoshop (at no cost)

Office Suite (Word Processing/Spreadsheet/Presentation)

PDF Creator

  • PDF Creator – Anything you can print to a printer can be captured in a PDF document

Photo Resizing Tools

  • PIXresizer – Batch resize tool (for galleries and thumbnails)

Photo Tagging Tools

(good site –

  • Exifer – Older software. It’s still the best for batch editing EXIF info.
  • Panorado Flyer – assign GPS coodinates in batch mode from Google Earth

Photo Thumbnail Generator

  • TNGEN – Thumbnail Generator that creates HTML page for gallery and slideshow

mRemote at
WinDirStat at
Windows Sysinternals at
USBDeview at
CClean at
Recuva at
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder¬ at at

The GIMP at
CamStudio at
Audacity at
SQL Server 2008 Express at
GNS3 (Cisco emulator) at
Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) at
VMWare Server at
Ubuntu Linux at
Ultimate Boot CD at
Clonzilla at